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Non-Profit Events



We recognize that events are vital to nonprofits for raising awareness and funds. In order to effectively accomplish these goals, we provide development and event planning for strategic nonprofit events and intuitive fundraising.

Many nonprofit organizations don’t know where to begin or need a "fundraising make over”.  Allow our event planners to ensure that your 501c3 organization is able to maximize profitability while producing a memorable event that upholds the mission of your organization. We’ll manage and plan the nonprofit event planning process seamlessly from beginning to end, so you can host your donors and guests. No organization is the same that is why we work with each of our clients to personally customize and design events that will meet their needs and maximize their funding needs.

The types of nonprofit events we plan include:

  • gala

  • award dinner

  • fundraiser

  • benefit dinner

  • luncheon

  • community outreach

  • opening night

  • leadership dinner

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